Are these cards genuine/original?

Absolutely! 100%! There aren't a lot of fake cards floating out there, but they are easily recognized and thrown out, and never used in these sets.

Will you take  $___ for a set? 

Unfortunately, and to be fair to everyone, I cannot accept any offers on the sets.

What condition are these cards in?

The cards range from Excellent, up to Near Mint

Card Condition Guide:
Mint: Card is in perfect condition as if straight out of the pack.
Near Mint: Card looks near perfect and may have some very light wear.
Excellent: Card looks of great quality. It has slight edge wear and/or small scratches/ light wear

What does this set come with?

All 151 original pokemon cards from base/base2 , jungle, and fossil sets.

Yes that includes Mew. Yes that includes every original pokemon!

Are the plastic sheets included?

Absolutely! Brand new, and high quality sheets are provided with the cards already loaded.

I saw your 45 holo set, and I love that frame. Is it included?

Unfortunately, due to the very large shipping costs this would impose, the frame is not included, but you will not be charged for one either.

What if I am not completely satisfied?

I list my items accurately and have never had the situation arise where I needed to take a return, but if there is an issue, I will work to resolve it with you.

What's your shipping policy?

I do free shipping for the U.S.A. and flat rate shipping for the rest of the world. Insurance is included, and cards are packaged safely.

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